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Month: October 2015


Its morning and time to get up and out. But wait? You need something to give you that energy to get your body going.

Personally, I like to make my Kale/Banana Smoothie. But there are a lot more creative ideas the are quick and easy as well.

Check out the link below for  some recipes that are helpful for you to follow that are not only energizing but HEALTHY.








Food Prep Sunday!

food prepping

Its Food Prep Sunday! Yes, this is my day where I gather all my thoughts and sale items of course to purchase items for the week.

It can be a bit of a challenge when you are trying to figure out what can be made that won’t become boring by the end of the week.

When I first started this routine, it helped me a lot to keep up with what I was eating, but by day 3 it had gotten to a place where I just didn’t want what I cooked anymore. I had to adjust some things so that I wouldn’t waste any food.

My Idea?

Variety and don’t plan.

Yes don’t plan. What I mean by this is to get a few food items that you like with a few core ingredients and seasonings. Once you have decided what you would like for the week, THEN create some recipes from the items that you have bought. This in return makes the creative process edgy, unknown, surprising, and of course less boring.

So here’s a few more pointers:

1. Purchase a notebook the is dedicated to just meal planning. Take some time and make a list of all  the foods that you like.

2. Try to have what I call a food calendar on hand. This will help plan week by week what foods you should buy.
3. Mix up your meals – Use dinner for lunch, lunch for dinner on opposite days. Breakfast can be a little more flexible.
4. Make food 2 days at a time. This will give more room to be creative instead of making a whole weeks worth of food.
5. Don’t try to buy too many different items. Like for example meats:  try to stick with 2 instead of 4 different kinds. Veggies the same. The    reason being is because if you buy too many of a variety it becomes overwhelming.

Next Week: Cooking With Oils: Should they be used or not used. If so what kinds are Best?


One of my favorite things to cook when the weather is changing to its cool side is SOUP! I love a good soup. This time I am making my own spin on a Ginger Carrot soup. ingredients include the following:

Veggie Broth, red onions, green onions, red pepper, carrot , ginger, garlic, and apple cider vinegar. Salt and pepper to taste.

I like to puree my red pepper, ginger and garlic first  so that it can give the soup a more flavorful taste.

Next up! My butternut squash cashew cream soup.


Is it Over Yet? 5 Ways to Get Over Workout Boredom

Running running and more running. I should be feeling good and it is good for me, but I get so bored out of my mind. Have you ever experienced this particular scenario while walking or running on the treadmill? Well we have all been there. You go and go and it seems like a never-ending boredom until the belt finally stops and the screen states that you are done.

Well my friend, there is hope to all of this madness. Here are a couple of ideas to help  keep you pushing in a more positive state.

  1. Dont just play music, make a playlist  – Most people play music but who wants to keep stopping and going trying to search for that one song that gets your adrenaline pumping while working out.  Since majority of the population has some type of device that has music apps attached, try to make a playlist with your favorite songs that get and keep you hype. Take some free time and just start creating!

2.  Listen to podcasts! –  Listening to podcast are great because nothing helps more than hearing something motivational or   just simply learning new things while you are working out. This step helps because it keeps your mind off the minutes and more on what you are listening to. Here’s a little tip: For however long you are trying to workout, try to find a podcast that has the same time length. For example, if you are exercising for 30 mins., look for a podcast that streams for 30 mins.

3. Workout in segments – Who wants to do the same thing for 40 mins. straight. I know for me I hate it! Try breaking up your routines from time to time. One way is to maybe run / walk for 10 mins., going into some type of strength training for 10mins, get back and run for another 10 min. It makes the time go by so fast.

4. Concentrate on your fitness goals. – Try to focus on your fitness goals as much as possible. This can help give you that extra push when you feel like quitting a little too early.

5. Make sure you have a good pre-workout meal – Eating something before a workout gives you that energy that you need to continue and last until the end. If you are not sure what type of meal to have before hand, the internet has tons of articles suggesting what kind of great small meals to have. For me, I like to just have a granny smith apple and a little peanut butter. It all depends on your schedule.

Any suggestions or questions? please feel free to comment.

How to Get Out of Your Nutrition Funk

Thank you for tuning into my blog which I love so much. (I think its time for a podcast, what do you think?) LOL..

If this is your first time joining,  we talk about everything from Health, fitness, fashion, music you know everything obtaining to an everyday lifestyle . I love interacting with people so don’t be shy and contribute with a comment 🙂

Today I am going to get into how to get out of your “nutrition funk”.

What I mean by this is that a lot of people are trying to eat right  in today’s world because lets face it …its not like when our grandparents were growing up. There are a lot of interesting ingredients with words that we can’t pronounce allowed in our food which you can clearly see on the label of your favorite food item. Then there comes the opportunists who  see a chance to market themselves with all kinds of diets that people should take advantage of whether its good for you or not. People are so bombarded with what we shouldn’t or should eat, that actually its just a simple task and not as complicated as it may seem.

I remember starting my journey about 12 years ago, developing an interest on researching organic foods and it helped a lot. I lost around 50 pounds because I totally changed my eating habits.

And of course exercise which I hated but learned to love because of the results I was seeing (now I love it by the way).

During that time …there were and still are  a lot of different diets like low carb , high protein, low-fat you name it they were there ….so I am thinking well damn what the hell am I suppose to choose…

I mean we all know information to the public comes with a price so most of that information is for marketing purposes you know gain clients, consumers to spend some money.

So here are a few steps to get you out of that nutrition funk.

  1. Do some research
  2. Make a food log for about a week. Don’t change anything just go about your regular day and keep a journal
  3. After the week is over , look at exactly what you were eating and record how you felt like were you bloated, felt heavy, tired, no energy that sort of thing.
  4. The next week take out the foods you love
  5. Repeat number 3
  6. After you figure out what It could be that is holding you back from reaching your nutrition goals, most likely those are the foods that your body just can’t tolerate and so happen to like for example  rice,  bread, cookies, you know comfort foods. These foods are not so bad, it’s just how they are prepared through the average food companies that make them so terrible.
  7. With a little research you will be surprise at how you can still eat these types of comfort foods but make them a WHOLE lot healthier. Check out recipes online with a simple search on google for example with key words like  organic cooking , or how to make cookies healthier , you get the hint.

Here is a list of information that I love to catch up on:

Podcast: (Stitcher app)

underground Wellness Radio

Nutrition Diva

Total Human Optimization

I am still looking for more……




just to name a few. You can just go in and search as well with the key word healthy eating on the users tab….

websites: I look mostly at just random sites that I can find but usually I just look up recipes..

So basically everybody reacts differently to certain foods. No one “eating plan” is created equal. Only you know how your body operates and how it feels.

Until next time Happy Eating and come back for some more tips and experiences that I have had in this wonderland of healthy eating and fitness.