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Month: January 2016


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Trying to switch ideas or routines with your spouse or significant other can be a little complicating. Reason being is because even though you all are a unit, both people have different ideas even after years of being together. Taking it slow is very necessary because of course it’s not an overnight success story.



Take it Slow

1.       Try to introduce different foods slowly. When cooking maybe replace an item that you wouldn’t usually cook with that blends well with your dish.

2.       Know what the family likes to eat so that you can maybe alter the recipe a little healthier. This  will help with transitioning so that it can be an easy process.

Include their ideas as well

1.       Let them know what you are trying to accomplish in reference to healthy eating for the family. Show them things like the benefits of choosing this way of eating. It helps to show the positive side of change so that it will not come across as if you are trying to exclude anyone from any decisions made.


Let them shop with you to get familiar.

1.       Most couples do not shop together because of schedules majority of the time.  Its usually one or the other that is appointed to do all of the grocery shopping.

2.       Try to plan a time where both can go shopping together each week at least, so that there is familiar territory in case something happens where the other cannot go at any given moment. Things come up, so it’s good that both are on the same page.


Keep the shopping list the same as much as possible so that it won’t confuse anything.

1.       It’s very important to create a routine when it comes to grocery shopping because it helps with memory and development of what you are trying to accomplish. This also helps when the roles are reversed. My grandmother kept the same list believe it or not for as long as I can remember. My mother did most of the shopping for her in that case because she was handicapped with polio since the age of 13 I think and my grandfather couldn’t drive. She walked on a crutch most of my living life. My mother barely needed a list because she knew exactly what she wanted unless there was a minor change. Even though it wasn’t the best of choices she did keep the same routine. She died at the age of 89 when I was 31 years old.

2.       If there are changes to the list, try to prepare ahead of time so that nothing is forgotten. Communication is key so it’s important to collaborate efficiently. As different items are introduced its great to record each week at so that the end of the month both parties can look over and decide how long or how often the shopping should be changed. Discuss how they felt shopping every time something was introduced. Was it confusing, smooth sailing, frustrating, good to go, etc. This will determine how often there needs to be a change.


Be consistent

There really is no other way to explain. Consistency is key because it keeps things less confusing and questionable. With communication and understanding things will go according to plan. It’s okay to switch up from time to time, but always remain on the same page.