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Podcast Hosted By Black Women Are Making A Wave Into 2018


If you get this letter please read it to its entirety. It has very important information that I think you may enjoy.


Yep. I just felt like doing that and for no good reason too. Yes, this is not a “physical”  letter but I miss the days of writing them. The creativity in your hands flowing so that you can express yourself without the constant glare of a screen yelling back at you with its brightness. It has a certain freedom of expression physically. 


Just like using our own voices to spread valuable information that reaches millions of people a day. 


One of those outlets is Podcasting and black women are doing the damn thing with them too. 


I listen to quite a few myself, and enjoy the different complexities of opinions ranging from entertainment to educational information. 


In an article written by Jonna on Lisaalamode that I found while searching to see If I could scope out some new ones to add to my list on Itunes and/or Stitcher, suggest  some podcasts that are sure to win our ears over. 


Take a look! 28 Podcasts Hosted by Black Women That You Should Be Listening To TODAY! 


Drop a comment if you have any other suggestions you would like to share!




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